10 Expert Tips to Immediately Improve Your Photography

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“Very often, nothing kills an image more than keeping your distance.”

To get a good photo, you’re going to have to “risk thumbs, shouts, and dirty looks.” The closer you are to your subject, the more detail you will be able to capture. For instance, if you are close to someone’s face, wrinkles will be more prominent, lips will appear smoother, and eyes will seem more intimate. Shooting from further away often means poorer quality.

“When you take a photograph, your camera’s shutter speed opens, letting in light.”

Obviously, when you take a photo, your lens opens up. The amount of time your lens is open to take in light is called shutter speed. Cameras show shutter speed either as a fraction, for instance 1/500, or as a number (500). This fraction means that the camera will take in light for one five hundredths of a second. If you use a faster shutter speed, your camera has less time to take in light. You can compensate a fast shutter speed with ISO speed, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Fast shutter speeds are a must when you’re shooting moving objects. Otherwise, your photo will come out blurry. Check out this photo here; a fast shutter speed made it possible for the photographer to capture each water droplet.

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