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2 – How to create a successful composition

Have you ever tried focusing on an object or tiny detail you’re drawn to in a photo, instead of the model’s eyes? This is the a simple trick to create a different perspective on the person you’re capturing without too much effort! It adds both dimension and character to the portrait, creating an artsy effect. Taking a photo of the same composition and at the same angles easily becomes mundane and will begin to bore your viewers. Finding the best viewing angle takes time, so feel free to move around your model to capture light from different angles.

If you want to focus on a distinctive detail of your subject’s face, try the extreme close-up. It’s perfect for highlighting the eyes, mouth, or skin texture.

Conversely, if you want to capture an overall portrait, choose the close up, which includes just above the bust of the subject and your model’s head. The close-up is effective, it’s a classic, simple style, different to that of a distance shot, which allows the integration of interesting environmental elements.

The most important thing is to make you happy and that is by letting your creativity work. Framing and composition do not have to meet strict rules. An unusual portrait always evokes more emotion than a simple one.

The composition of this portrait of a woman evokes emotion in the viewer. Looking at it, you could imagine several stories behind this photograph. Is this woman alone, and does the darkness around her and the closed window represent her isolation? Is the woman preparing a meal for her family, in the warm and protective atmosphere of her house? One thing is certain: it creates intrigue.

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