11 Smartphone Photography Tips for Landscape Photography

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While taking smartphone landscape photography, it is essential to ensure that your subject is in perfect focus. You can easily confirm the focus of your camera by tapping on the screen exactly where your subject is within the frame.

Most smartphones have this feature and it allows you to adjust the focus so you can get the most perfect results possible. If the subject is moving about freely, you should make sure to tap the screen to adjust focus for a clearer picture. Once you get a sharp photo of the subject, then draw more attention by using background blur while editing. There are many apps available freely that you could use to add this effect.


Zooming has the effect of scattering pixels and what this leads to is a blurred image that does not represent the quality you are looking to achieve. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid using the zoom feature and instead move closer to the subject if you want to take a close-up photo. Get as close as you can to get a vivid picture and to ensure you achieve focus.

Getting close allows you to see all the finer details of the subject and this helps you to incorporate qualities like texture in your photos. Smartphone photography is interesting if you know how to use these features, so you need to start learning how to apply each.

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