6 Can’t-Miss Composition Tips & Tricks Photography

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When we think about composition tips, most of us will immediately think of the Rule of Thirds. This is the classic composition tip and is certainly incredibly useful!

But, once you’ve mastered some basic composition tips, there are some more advanced ones that can make a real difference to your work. Let’s have a look at some of them here.

1. The Golden Ratio (Fibonacci Spiral)

Also known as Phi, Divine Proportion or the Golden Mean, this composition law dates back to around 1200 A.D. Leonardo Fibonacci noticed that there was an absolute ration that often appeared throughout nature and that its design was pleasing to the human eye.

Since this time, artists and architects have designed their work to approximate this ratio of 1:1.618. When you apply this ratio to photography it can produce really aesthetically pleasing compositions. Using this diagram, you can place the spiral over your main point of interest – the spiral can also be rotated for different viewpoints. Try experimenting with it – you can download a grid from many sites and place it over existing images to get the idea!

2. Left to Right

Our eyes are used to reading from left to right and, subconsciously, we apply this to looking at imagery as well. By placing the focus point of your image to the right side, you’ll help to create a photograph that our eyes will read as more appealing. The viewer’s eyes will be lead into the image and will perceive it as a stronger composition.

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