Best photo editing tips for beginners: 18 quick fixes to common image problems

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03 Rule of Thirds

Click the Rule of Thirds option. Drag the bottom right corner handle left to tighten the crop window around the bushes. Drag the top left handle right to lose the edge of the tree. Drag inside the grid to position the bushes in the Rule of Thirds column on the right. Place the bridge in the grid’s middle row.

04 Apply the crop

Place the cursor outside the crop window. A rotate icon will appear. Drag to rotate the crop window clockwise so that its horizontal lines run parallel with the shot’s slightly tilted horizon. Click the tick to complete the crop. The horizon is straight and the bridge is more prominent in the frame.

05 Remove distractions

Grab the Zoom tool. Click to get a closer look at the policeman on the bridge. Grab the Clone Stamp tool [S]. In the Options bar, set Size to 100 pixels. Set Opacity to 100%. Alt+click the cursor on the parapet to the man’s left to sample it. Spray the sampled pixels over the man to hide him.

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