How to Dramatically Improve Your Photo’s Composition

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Composition is perhaps the most crucial element of your photos. Great composition can make you seem like a pro, while poor composition does exactly the opposite. Even if everything else is perfect, poor composition can make your photos look amateur and incomplete.

The beauty of your photography depends on composition, but don’t give up if you have a hard time composing photos. Composition is a skill you can improve through guidance and practice. To begin, try out these 5 quick tips for improving composition.

1. Choose a point of interest.

To elevate the aesthetic standard of your photos, you must limit what you try to include in an image. Even if a scene has many interesting subjects, don’t include everything. Choose a distinctive point of interest, then try to frame it. Framing will draw the viewer’s eye to that subject, making it more powerful.

This point of interest could be small or large. Likewise, the frame could be a complete, four-sided frame or an incomplete, more abstract frame. Don’t feel like you have to put a box around everything–though that can look striking sometimes, too. Just keep the subject simple, then find a way to arrange the surrounding elements so that they highlight it.

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