Important tips and techniques about indoor photography lighting

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There are basically two types of light

  1. Natural light
  2. Artificial light

Working with natural light is quite critical because we cannot adjust the source and we will have to do all the efforts to find the perfect spot. So when the indoor photography is done in the natural lightwe have to adjust according to the source and the intensity of it and to make the perfect shot with our own skills and experience. But when the artificial light is use we can adjust our source and make the perfect shot with the few adjustment.

Style of lighting

There are five styles of lighting. So when you are planning to do the indoor photography then you must have the knowledge of these styles of lighting. These are as follow

  1. Broad lighting
  2. Short lighting
  3. Narrow lighting
  4. Butterfly lighting
  5. Rembrandt lighting

Broad Lighting

  • The main light is positioned to bright the side of the face that faces the camera.
  • Used for corrective purposes.
  • It will de-emphasize facial features

Short lighting

  • The main light illuminates the side of the face that is turned away from the camera.
  • Short lighting has a narrowing effect.

Narrow lighting

  • Narrow lighting good for use in low-key portraits.

Butterfly Lighting

  • Position the main light directly in front of the subject’s face
  • Adjusting the height to create a shadow directly under, and in line with, the nose.
  • Suited best for women. Not recommended for men since it tends to highlight the ears.

Rembrandt Lighting

  • Obtained by combining short lighting and butterfly lighting.
  • The main light is positioned high and on the side of the face that is away from the camera
  • This lighting technique is used in studio portraiture
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