Important tips and techniques about indoor photography lighting

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Key light in indoor photography lighting

After the main styling of lighting the next key factor is the key light. As the name indicates it’s that light that will shine or illuminate the object. It will serve as the main will determine the key strength and the intensity of the light on the object and will shoot according to the key light. The key light plays a major role in the indoor photography lighting.

Indoor flash techniques

·If you take a picture with flash of a person standing close to a background it’s likely that a shadow will appear behind the person on the wall so for the perfect shot you can use the bounce flash.

  • Eliminate the red to avoid any interference.
  • Fill the flash
  • Try to reduce the shadow.
  • Control the contrast of the picture.

By considering all these factors you can take the perfect shot of any moment and the results will be flawless.

Following are some of the tips relating to the indoor photography and how to manage the light factor perfectly.
  1. Understand your camera as much as you can.
  2. Don’t use automatic mood when planning indoor photo shoots
  3. Take the advantage of daylight.
  4. Use tripod because it’s quite handy.
  5. Always shoot near windows because it would help you to capture the best shot.
  6. Doesn’t use messy background.

Photography is all about light, the direction of the light falling on your subject is most important you need to look at your subject carefully and watch how the shadows fall. If you are able to choose the time of day to shoot your pictures indoor than try to pick a time when the sun is low in the sky and the light is coming from the window.

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