Learn How to Use a Camera Tripod With These Simple Tips

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Using a tripod might seem like a simple enough subject, but you might be surprised how many photographers don’t utilize their tripods in the best way to get the best photos.

A tripod for photography is an essential piece of gear, and when used correctly, they can truly mean the difference between getting a high-quality image and one that ends up getting deleted off your memory card.

That being the case, here’s a few quick tips for how to use a camera tripod.

When to Use a Tripod

First things first…

Something I’ve noticed over the years with beginner photographers is that sometimes there’s confusion about when a tripod should be used. In fact, in some cases, it seems that some photographers are reluctant to use a tripod.

This is a mistake in my point of view, because using a tripod offers far too many benefits.

Chief among those benefits is that a tripod helps to stabilize your camera so you can get sharp photos.

Really, no matter how steady-handed you are, a tripod will do a better job of staying still for the shot than you can.

Secondly, using a tripod helps you from a creative standpoint as well.

With the right kind of tripod, you can expand your creativity and get more unique shots.

The Sirui W-2004 shown above, for example, is waterproof, dustproof, and sandproof.

That means that you can hit the beach, go to the desert, and even stand in water, and this tripod won’t suffer any ill effects.

Another benefit of using a tripod is that it forces you to slow down a little bit.

I find that sometimes I’m so excited to take photos that I just shoot handheld and end up “spraying and praying,” hoping that one of the hundreds of shots I took ends up looking good.

But when I use a tripod, I actually take the time that’s needed to slow things down, check the composition beforehand, frame the shot correctly, double-check my camera settings, and so forth.

So, what all that means is that if you’re asking yourself when to use a tripod, the answer is as often as possible!

I know that some situations prevent the use of a tripod, but by and large, if you’re out shooting, you should have a tripod to use.

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