Learn How to Use a Camera Tripod With These Simple Tips

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How to Use a Camera Tripod: Consider the Composition First

One of the biggest mistakes people make when using a tripod is to put their camera on the tripod and then compose the shot.

The problem with approaching using a tripod in this way is that it restricts you from finding the best composition, framing, perspective, and so forth.

Instead, the better option is to explore the location a little bit and figure out exactly what it is you want to photograph and from what point of view you want to take the shot.

Then, once you have that figured out, you can set up your tripod in a way that helps you achieve that vision.

For example, if you want to get a low-angle image of a landscape, you can use a tripod like the Sirui N-1004KX (which also has a built-in monopod!) to frame up the shot because it has a short center column that can be inverted for that kind of low-angle photo.

By exploring the area first, you can determine where you need to setup your tripod to get the view you want.

Furthermore, by getting the tripod in position before attaching your camera, you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking the tripod over or otherwise causing damage to your camera or lens.

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