Top 10 Portrait Photography Composition Tips

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To be able to capture excellent portraits, there are several things you need to consider, from correct lighting and ideal camera equipment to creative posing and subject matter. Photographing babies, for example, can present entirely different challenges than taking portraits of adults. Here we will focus on the top 10 composition tips for stunning portrait photos.

1. Rule of Thirds

Perhaps one of the first composition techniques a photographer learns is the rule of thirds. In portrait photography, it’s best to compose your shot so the subject’s eyes are in the top third of the image. The exception to this is when the portrait photo includes a full body shot; in this case, the person can be positioned in either the lower third of the image, or on the left or right third.

2. Include Texture

Add interest and detail to your portrait photography by including texture in your images. Position your subject against a background which has a contrasting texture. For example, rough tree bark behind the smoothness of a child’s face or a close-up of your wrinkled grandpa against the soft skin of your newborn.

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